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Dec 14, 2012 11:00am PST
happened. >> that's, again, the very latest of state police there in connecticut. pete williams, our justice correspondent, also reporting that a second suspect is in custody. we are told a suspect is being questioned with the shooting. we don't know his relationship is to all of this. amanda ross is with wvit, nbc affiliate in that area. she is standing by with the very latest. what can you tell us? >> pretty much what you heard there. we do have reports of now confirmed several students and staff were killed inside that school. the shooter also found dead inside that school. as you heard from connecticut state police lieutenant paul vance, they're now going through the process of dealing with searching that school, issuing a search warrant and going to collect evidence there. what we are told right now is that the governor of connecticut, governor dannel malloy is meeting with families and not releasing the information that we need right now is because the governor wants to make sure that the families get that information first. and of course, as we've heard, we have sources that s
Dec 14, 2012 10:00am PST
there are numerous children. pete's information that is that there are as many as 20 possibly 20 or more children who have been shot. with me here at the table is david gregory, host of "meet the press" and also susan paige, bureau chief with usa today. we are told that the gunman is dead and told by danbury hospital that is a trauma, three -- that at least three patients were admitted there. the hospital is in lockdown as a precaution. david, how do we absorb this kind of unfolding horror? >> well, i think very slowly as we get more details, and this is just horrifying. you know, i have three young kids, and, unfortunately, they're subjected to drills now in schools with this kind of scenario of a gunman coming in, how to stay safe. it's a very difficult thing to discuss with children, but we are in the middle of what is an unfold and a horrifying situation, so we'll await for the details, but there very quickly becomes a national conversation, not just absorbing these details and warning, but also about some kind of debate about guns in our culture that we never seem to really
Dec 17, 2012 5:00pm EST
a buyer or a seller today? pete, what do you say? >> i was a buying. and it was because of the fact, over the last week or so, we've seen nothing but upside buying in the banking stocks, ever sense december 5th broke above that 50-day moving average. last day, week, 475,000 calls at 200,000 puts. it's telling me right now, financials are going higher. we alaskaic active aactivity at stanley, goldman sachs. >> you believe the whole market will be pushed higher because of that move? >> absolutely. i think it's the financials lifting us. >> tim? >> at the risk of agreeing with pete, i'm a buyer -- >> you're smart. >> it's macro reasons. this is a reason to be excited. this is a momentum shift. there's reasons and we know this, we're going to talk about the election later. but this tells me people are taking risk. i spoke about it in the morning meeting, if we get over 200, 175 in the ten-year on the yield, it's a very bullish sign. we've been there four times in the last four months. i want to see this break higher before i'm convinced. it's been a great time to short stocks, as well. >> i'l
Dec 7, 2012 12:00pm EST
for america's best loved company or is even more selling ahead? pete and john and jerry and stephen weiss and terranova are the traders. apple sits at the lows today as we come on the air. >> right. i have yet to find a reason for me to dip back into apple presently. you know, there's different stories out it seems like each and every day why it's out, what the buys are and selloffs all. forget all that for a moment. the stock seems to be stuck in a range and tlink are other opportunities out there. there's a lot of expectations for why it's moving around the way it is. specifically people are pointing to, is it for tax reasons? the other day it was for the margins. whatever the reason you're seeing an accelerated move each and every day. i haven't seen a reason to jump back in there yet. i still own the stock but not to add anything to it. i still think there are far better beta names out there to trade. >> doc, are you at odds with your brother? i want to read you stats that are going to shock you. >> please. >> in the past 9 of 11 weeks, $115 billion in market cap washed away from appl
Dec 14, 2012 12:00pm EST
a moment. but first our traders for the hour are josh brown, pete najarian, simon baker and j.j. pete, apple not far from the november low of 505. >> right. it's catching up very, very rapidly right now. it's been something where i know we've been talking about this stock a lot and i know a lot of people are just concerned about the fact that maybe it's over talked but it is apple. it was the highest valued stock and continues to be. the sell off is extreme. i am in the camp i think folks are selling for tax reasons. i know there are a lot of different opinions. slowness of maybe the iphone 5 sales and the rest of it we've heard time and time again. i still don't buy into that whole thing. i think this is tax selling. i'm waiting. i think there are opportunities. i think you can continue to wait. i don't think you have to pounce on apple just yet. i think it gets below 500. >> when does the selling stop? >> that is what everybody wants to know. when does the selling stop? >> i don't know that i have the answer but i'll tell you the way i would be thinking about this. i agree with pete
Dec 26, 2012 4:00am PST
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Dec 10, 2012 5:00pm EST
. >> pete? >> if we start to get ourselves into some sort of position, the housing recovery has already started. i think that's why the financials really are one of the airs i'd see the most explosive upside. bank of america trades half times book. they are very leveraged. if they can get past a few more hurdles, and they can actually at some point implement a dividend yield, suddenly the stock gets a lot more attractive to just about everybody. warren buffett's in it, i'm in it. >> but is a dividend yield the only -- >> no. >> i see lending being okay, but the spreads aren't that great. do you want to lend for 30-year-olds on a mortgage. where is the growth going to come from? >> take a look at what their cash, right now, what their generation is, just unbelievable. these are money making machines right now. if the government gets out of their way and they can continue this and continue with the housing improvements that we're seeing, some of the refinancing. they were talking about how they want to adjust, make some of the deals a little easier for people to get through. i think for a
Dec 3, 2012 5:00pm EST
has seen. so pete what do you say? >> as far as dell? i think this dell company is very interesting. joe was talking about this for a while. i think goldman sachs makes a lot of interesting points. it is interesting that they mention about the rest of it. i think when you look at the company it is about the servers and what they are doing as a company itself. they obviously have an unbelievable cash position. there is a lot of reasons to be intrigued. i was intrigued by hewlett-packard not long ago for all the same reasons. >> i'm with pete on this one. i think hewlett-packard is the more interesting trade. i think november 20th to me was the capitulation that we talk about. had a monster volume day. that is for a trade, doesn't mean the company is fixed but i think the stock is interesting. >> with dell you have a company that feels like the ship is still sinking. they are a fantastic low cost producing. this isn't enough. i think windows 8 is a major head wind and this is holding back the pc world. >> you don't like any of them? >> in dell's case they have proven that they are too
Dec 21, 2012 12:00pm EST
the market for the next hour with pete and john najarian, joe, and steven weis. pete, give us where you are in the market here given dire straits in d.c.? >> no doubt about it we've been talking about this for weeks. we are always reacting to whatever the politicians are giving us. one day it's positive the next day negative. obviously this news from last night certainly hit the markets. we had a pretty nice rebound early in the session but now here we are pushing back toward the lows of the day. that volatility index continues to extend to the upside, the financials are getting hit pretty hard. however, they did show a little resilience as well. so i would actually look into the latter part of the day although you just wonder are we going to have enough volumes that are readable volumes into the final three hours of the session given what's going on now? but it is still -- this is all about the politicians, all about the fiscal cliff. >> steven weis, what do you do if the politicians can't rise above and solve this thing? what are the traders to do? >> first of all, who knew the mayans
Dec 26, 2012 12:00pm EST
you have in their stock? our traders for the hour are peat and john negarian and steven weiss. pete, begin with you, 16 of the 17 worst performers in the s&p today are retailers. >> understandably so. the expectations were so high. a lot of the analysts were looking for a bump of 3 to 4%. didn't get close to that. you're seeing pressure on the retail sector. even on the online side you aren't seeing the kind of move people would have expected. i think you have to take into account there's sandy, the tragedy up in newtown. a lot of different things. in front of us is the fiscal cliff. everybody has been talking about it. we've been talking about it. here we are past christmas getting very close to the 31st and still nothing resolved. for those reasons i think people are holding off. they're going to make some decisions later on. maybe those decisions don't happen until january. >> joe, you can blame what you want. you can say it's hurricane sandy, the fiscal cliff, discretionary the second best performing sector in the s&p here to date. is this a sign to start taking money off the ta
Nov 30, 2012 6:30pm PST
of the businesses around in many cases, except for two, which is petes coffee and starbucks, those two companies through the majorty of the revenue through coffee products i don't think that is disputed in any case. in these other cases they do, many of the merchants sell coffee, but also sell other food products throughout the day. so, the evaluation from the hearing office determined that yes, while coffee is one product, it is not the majority of the specific and that is why they need to be deemed not like food. we did go back, based on the concerns to revalidate. as noted at the 84 second street location. if we take a straight line as the bird flies distance from the location of the proposed food truck, to the entrance of pete's coffee, the distance varies between 219 feet to 244 feet. what that implies someone who is walking from the food truck to pete's coffee would have to jwalk through second street and mission street. whereas if we followed the pedestrian walkway and go through the crosswalk the distance is 350 feet. there is a fairly fine distinction from that perspective that remains
Dec 23, 2012 11:30pm EST
talking to pete about him. he said people warned me when i met him at the senior bowl, he goes, now, you know, be careful because you'll think he is one of those artists, you know, that can kind of trick you and fool y you, but he has lived up to it on an everyday basis and nobody works harder in the building and pete carroll is his biggest fan, no question. >> al: this team has drafted extremely well and made a lot of great choices. thorough a major big-time role right now. and everything is lining up perfectly for the seattle seahawks. as we said at the very beginning, you might hear a lot from either of these teams, despite what happened to san francisco tonight over the next few weeks. seahawks win it by a score of 42-13 and seattle is in the playoffs. wendy's postgame report will be coming right up after these messages from your local nbc station. . >>> seahawks 10-56 and won their last three games by an average of 40 points. russell wilson threw only 21 times tonight, completed 13, but four of those were for touchdowns so he is one of the players infant game. richard sherman, an in
Dec 3, 2012 6:00am PST
took no action today on the pending gay marriage cases. justice correspondent pete williams is live for us at the supreme court. this is now two weeks in a row, pete, that we thought we would get an answer to them about how they would plan on taking up this question of gay marriage. >> right. two case, the defense of marriage act and proposition 8 from california. nothing on the orders list today. so we'll find out later today whether the court is going to take it up again at its closed door conference on this friday. so my guess is this friday will be the next day we'll find out whether or not they'll take either of these two cases, chuck. >> and, pete, your expectation is can they put it all into one case or -- >> reporter: no, they can't. they're completely separate issues. the defense of marriage act is a federal law. it says nothing about whether states have to recognize gay marriage. it just says that if they do the federal government won't recognize them. the prop 8 case potentially raises a much more fundamental issue whether a state can deny same-sex marriage. the court cou
Dec 28, 2012 9:00pm PST
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Dec 28, 2012 11:00pm PST
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Dec 14, 2012 9:00am PST
is standing by with some new information. chris, could you give us an update? >> what we do know from pete williams, and you reported this earlier, that there were some reports, and he got this from a federal official that, some children had been shot, but we are getting descriptions from people on the scene that are as horrifying as you could possibly imagine of doors being, you know, kicked down and federal officials as well as local officials going in with their guns drawn. obviously, trying to secure the situation. there were also reports that at least part of the shooting took place in a kindergarten classroom, so we're talking about 5-year-old kids who are facing such a horrific situation and, finally, we will tell you that governor malloy is being updated both by state police and by federal officials, but an absolutely horrendous scene being described as some of these early reports are coming in from people who are in there, alex. >> chris, in terms of this, we've been talking a little bit about this reverse 911 call, which makes it sound like some students were not at school yet or
Dec 14, 2012 6:30am PST
advisory board and harbor light center advisory councilmember, you all know him, pete ratto. (applause) >> hey, pete. and introduce our volunteers and vips, san francisco city ask county, the honorable mayor ed lee. [cheering and applauding] * >> from the san francisco police department, the chief of course, greg. and the san francisco police department command staff. [cheering and applauding] >> the san francisco fire department. with chief joanne hayes white, san francisco fire department command staff. [cheering and applauding] >> we're not there yet. a little anxious. [laughter] >> where was i here? united states army, deputy commanding officers of the pacific division, colonel petty stratford, senior officer staff. [cheering and applauding] >> san francisco heights president hu man services commission, commissioner scott kahn. (applause) >> okay, here we come now. san francisco fire department lieutenant bob arazave. (applause) >> san francisco fire department station 2 headed by lieutenant jay johnson. [cheering and applauding] >> and the firefighters from san francisco fire depa
Dec 15, 2012 9:00am PST
about the shooter and what he did in the days before the attack. nbc's pete williams is in washington. pete with a good day, what have you learned? >> reporter: alex, the connecticut authorities have not yet formally identified the gunman, but we're been told and i think it's widely known it's adam lanza is his name, 20 years old who was living with his mother. they say the shooting actually began that morning about three miles from the school at the home where he was living with his mother, that he shot her then drove her car to the school. now we're told that he had actually four handguns when he entered the school. we had known about the first two. they say there were two others that were found. and then he also had a rifle that was not brought into the school we're told by several officials, that it was left in the car, and that all these weapons were legally purchased by his parents. although officials say on tuesday of this past week adam lanza went to a sporting goods store in connecticut and tried to buy a rifle but was turned down for various reasons, because of the connectic
Dec 12, 2012 5:00pm EST
served for five years from the 37th district. representative pete stark, outgoing dean of our delegation was elected in 1972 and served more than 40 wreers from the 13th district. representative lynn woolsey served for 20 years from the 6th congressional district. much kk said about the distinguished careers of our departing colleagues, but i would like to offer a few remarks of the work i have joined them during their time here in the congress. representative howard berman has served the house for 30 years and i was honored to name him among my closest friends in this body. during his service, he worked on a wide of variety of issues and known as a champion of human rights and standing up for middle class, working class and for the poor in our country. as chair of the foreign affairs committee from 2007 to 2008, mr. berman made great progress on behalf of the less fortunate. he was a leader in securing reauthorization of our global hiv-aids program to help provide access to preventive services for millions and authored legislation removing nelson mandela and other members of the african
Dec 17, 2012 6:30pm EST
in newtown starting off our coverage tonight, thanks. pete williams has been following this whole sorry case and every development in the investigation since we were first informed of it friday. he's in our d.c. newsroom tonight with more. pete, good evening. >> brian, investigators say adam lanza did not leave behind any note or letter that might reveal what was going through his mind before the shooting. hopes were high that his computer might provide some answers, but so far they say it has not. the police who found nancy lanza, adam lanza's mother, shot to death in bed, also found his computer. they say its internal hard drive, similar to this one, had been removed and severely damaged. attempts to get information from it, law enforcement officials say have so far not been successful. though experts say it can be difficult it's not always impossible. >> i've seen people try to damage a hard drive with a sledgehammer or screwdriver or through it in the river. and in most of those cases the forensic efforts have been able to recover some data from the hard drive. >> reporter: as for the gu
Dec 28, 2012 12:00pm EST
on going into this. again, to pete's point, could we see that 500-point rally in the dow? yes. i'll disagree with steven, however. as you said, consumer confidence falling off a cliff. these guys are going to have a lot less money to spend as well if this deal doesn't happen. that's why i say you can see a thousand point drop like that. >> all right. when halftime comes back stocks on track for their fifth day of losses. why one top strategist believes the pullback is a big buying opportunity. and can facebook redeem itself in 2013? one stock two opinions. we debate it. later, she has the knack for picking tech winners. where silicon valley pioneer ann winblad sees promise in the new year. back after this. with fidelity's new options platform, we've completely integrated every step of the process, making it easier to try filters and strategies... to get a list of equity options... evaluate them with our p&l calculator... and execute faster with our more intuitive trade ticket. i'm greg stevens and i helped create fidelity's options platform. it's one more innovative reason seriou
FOX News
Dec 2, 2012 5:00pm PST
, it was an outstanding effort and bengals might be a surprise team. look at this, and always to talk about and pete, good to see you and how fox reports sunday 22nd, 2012 and thanks for watching the huckabee with guest host dana perino starts in two seconds, have a great week. >> tonight on huckabee. >> i believe both parties can and will work together in the coming weeks to get that done. >> the president says he wants to make a deal, but republicans say he won't budge. >> and on small businesses instead ever taking the balanced approach and also cut spending is among. >> is the president serious about cutting spending and avoiding the fiscal cliff? congressman allen west respon responds. >> and-- >> and owed the insurance companies $150, what can we do with that. >> they've lost their homes, businesses and sense of security. is help on the way? victims of superstorm sandy. >> and how can republicans attract hispanic voters? and a look ahead who could throw their hat in the ring for 2016. ladies and gentlemen, our guest host tonight, dana perino. [applaus [applause] >> and i'm dana perino and i want to
Dec 20, 2012 11:00pm PST
, it is about pete and debbie, five or six years after knocked up. >> rose: yeah. >> and the basic con seat is they are spinning a lot of plates. we notice that all of our friends are trying to be, you know, good spouses, good parents, take care of their family, take care of their health, deal with like the world and that everyone has no time and is having a nervous breakdown. so this is the week they both turn 40 and assess how it is going. >> rose: and decide they have to do a lot of kpeferz and change their lifestyles so they can be forever young. >> and then everything falls a part. >> rose: this is "new york times", how about this. thiss november8th. family business, judd app a foe puts his life, his wife and children on the screen. the set of a judd apatow movie can sometimes feel like a day care center for children and adults alike. what is with you? >> what is with me? >> rose: you just want them around you all the time? you just love the idea of -- >> yeah, this is kind of as simple as that. i mean i love less yee an my children. i love you, paul. >> judd is actually in the process
Dec 14, 2012 3:00pm PST
to bring an nbc justice correspondent pete williams. pete, good evening. >> al, good evening to you. the bare details are starting to emerge here now. the authorities tell us that the gunman in this school shooting is a 20-year-old who lived in newtown, connecticut. adam lanza who lived with his mother who was a teacher at the school. and, as best authorities are able to piece together what happened, this is the picture that is emerging. that early this morning he shot his mother at the home where the two of them lived together. then got in her car with guns that she had legally purchased, that were registered to her, drove in her car to the school, entered the school at about 9:30. started shoot first in the principal's area. and then as authorities have said, in two classrooms, including, we believe, one of the classrooms where his mother taught, which was predominantly young people. kindergarten age. after shooting them, he then turned the gun on himself. now, there was some confusion earlier today about the identity of the person who had committed this horrible act. because, app
Dec 15, 2012 11:00am PST
, pete williams. he has been dig into the background of the 20-year-old gunman and events that may have led up to the shooting rampage yesterday. what more can you tell us about the gunman's activities leading up to the shooting? >> we are looking at a number of possibilities here. one is that he may have ride to buy a gun at a gun store in connecticut on tuesday. what we are told is he tried to buy a gun but that the gun store wouldn't sell it to him because he wouldn't abide by the background check or waiting period. now, the other thing that authorities are looking at is that they have been told that on the day before the shooting, there was some kind of altercation at the school. that someone came in and got in an argument with four adults there. and that three of those power were killed in the shooting and the question is was that person who came into that altercation adam lanza the man who authorities say carried out the shooting? the way it is described to me now is that that's a lead they are investigating, that's one possibility. that's not confirmed that, in fact, it is someth
Dec 18, 2012 11:35pm PST
for a new long gun for my collection. >> reporter: pete has owned this store for 30 years. >> there's more and more first-time gun buyers than i can ever remember. people who 20 years ago would have never dreamed of owning a firearm. >> there you go. ready to rock 'n' roll. >> reporter: in the wake of the massacre at newtown, the people willing to consider putting their hand on the trigger has risen. >> the media and the government are talking about more gun legislation, so therefore, they're deciding well, perhaps i should take action now. >> reporter: despite the cash registers ringing, it's not an easy time to be in the gun business. walmart, the nation's largest seller of guns and ammunition, has pulled their version of the bushmaster semiautomatic rifle similar to the one used in the shooting off its website. outdoor retailer cabella's has decided not to carry the gun used in the shooting in its one store in connecticut. while dick's sporting goods is taking it a step further. company temporarily suspending a whole category of modern sporting rifles at its more than 500 stores in 44 s
Dec 20, 2012 11:35pm PST
of the sound of gunfire popping over and over and over again. meanwhile, in chicago, pete begins his overnight shift in the newsroom, waiting for police scans to begin their predictable cry. >> reporter: there's more than 2,400 shootings so far this year and there's still two weeks left. >> covering this beat means you will see more killed in cook county than the battlefield of afghanistan. >> reporter: shot in the back and the arm a couple times. >> the location is ominous. >> reporter: i don't know if kids are on christmas break or whatever, but they're going to find out somebody got shot next to their elementary school. >> he finds evidence markers. the victim scooped into a car and driven off. >> reporter: they're going to transfer him to a trauma center. >> waiting there are teams of battle weary doctors and nurses and our david wright. >> reporter: 11:35 p.m., rush hour at cook county trauma center. >> we're going to move you over to this bed, okay? so what happened, man? >> [ bleep ], man. >> yeah, but how many shots? >> first task for the doctors, counting the bullet holes. >> one, two
Dec 21, 2012 2:05am PST
men. i went to abilene and learned a few things. ramirez didn't quit. he was killed. - pete ramirez? - i think if it was an indian who started the stampede that killed your father, it was this kind of an indian. a kilgore man. what now, sheriff? - i'm going to see mr. kilgore. - you'll be gunned down. - i'll take that chance. [badge clatters] - this is no time to throw away your badge. it's the time to wear it. - what good's a badge in this town? can i make up a posse and go after him? he owns the town and everybody in it. who would be the prosecutor against kilgore? who would be the judge? who would be the jury? and what do you aim to do with these buzzards? they'll be out of here by morning. - i'm going to keep them out of town until we need them. you can't go after personal revenge now, sheriff. there's an indian war due to break at any moment. - then you say what to do. - we've got to expose kilgore and cassidy as troublemakers and place them behind bars. that'll give us enough time to get evidence to convict them. but we'll need a federal warrant and a federal marshal to serve
Dec 25, 2012 2:00am PST
to be one of the next year's biggest battle. justice correspondent pete williams has details. >> if you things illustrate the nation's divide over guns as sharply as this. the debate over high capacity magazines that can hold more than ten rounds of ammunition. on the website of brown el's which calls itself the biggest supplier of accessories, 20 and 30 round magazines are featured stocking stuffs. the company's president says sales in one 72 who your period equalled what's usually sold in 3 1/2 years. connecticut state police say adam lanza used several clips on a semi-automatic rifle to shoot the 26 victims at sandy hook elementary. >> these mass killings have to stop and we have to do everything we can. it will include looking at how many bullets do you need in a magazine in a semi-automatic weapon. >> on "meet the press," david gregory asked the nra's chief spokesman, why not bring back the ten-year ban that expired in 2004. >> i don't believe that's going to make one difference. there are so many different ways to evade that. you had that for ten years when goin feinstein passed t
Nov 30, 2012 7:00pm PST
away from there, my address is 18 california street. pete' starbucks, tons of place and multiple places all over the place and to be able to exist further and to continue to make a living, i mean, this has to come to an end, i appeal also to you guys, to, you know, let us have the comfort of competing with one another, in a fair, manner, rather than food trucks with just one permit a year needed to be paid for rather than having to comply with handicapped bathroom and license and taxes. my building taxes alone raised to ten fold. because you know the building just sold for 16 million. when i went in it was 2 million in value and the ground floor operators came down with the rent. >> thank you, your time is up. >> next speaker, please. >> hello, i too am here again, a lot of time that i spent on working on this issue before and we actually won a couple of permits that were not issued. >> this is a really big topic, not only in san francisco but across the united states and the business owners that pay money for the brick and mortar are up in arms. this is portland, chicago, new york, and
Dec 23, 2012 4:00am PST
says, gees, oh, pete i got it a good old midwestern -- eastern oklahoma, some are over a foot of snow on christmas eve and christmas day. then you look into and that's mostly christmas day but watch this a. as it moves, wednesday, ice up in the new england rain here and it exits thursday into friday but that's when all the people are traveling. we will keep an eye on it and more on the nation's weather coming up. >> i know you're excited about the weather when you say geez oh pete. it translates roughly into wow. >> that's it. >> learning about my midwest vernacular. >>> on to the shopping front. we are genuinely down to the wire. two days left and this question, where is the best place to shop? rachel smith is in the front lines joining us with advice. good morning to you. >> reporter: oh, yes, on the front lines indeed, dan, good morning, everyone. it's the final stretch, two days until christmas. if you're a last-minute shopper of course, you know you're not alone, a reported 40% of americans are still checking off items on their christmas list. ♪ the clock is ticking. >> we have
Dec 26, 2012 4:30am PST
. that's his gun hand, cassidy. and among the things they're charged with, there's the murder of pete ramirez. - why, you murdering, lying-- you told me ramirez quit. you can scratch my name off that warrant. i'm not responsible for the private feuds of men who happen to work for me. [gunshot] - hold your fire. i want that man alive. [gunfire] [gun clicks] [triumphant music] ♪ - what about kilgore? - kilgore is dead. - and that's it. first ramirez and now kilgore. he'll pay. tonto, these weeks of rest have done her good. - hello. - you're looking very well. - you were so right to insist we stay here until the trial. - it's over, mrs. kilgore. it wasn't much of a trial once cassidy decided to talk, although talking didn't save his neck. - but you told me i might have to testify. - well, i figured this would be the best place for you. - yes. the padre has been so good to us. - such lazy people who come to visit me. they do nothing but sleep and eat. as for the little one, she forget her fear and hatred of the indian and plays games again. - ah, where little one now, padre? - come. i s
Dec 27, 2012 10:00pm PST
's someone coming up the road. find out what he wants. but you and pete keep your guns in case we have to get out here quick. what about them? oh, we're just attending to official business. questioning a couple of captured renegades. hello. what are you doing to these indians? where's the agent in charge? that's me. inspector williams, bureau of indian affairs. now what's the meaning of this? well, we caught these indians stocking the wagon train. these men wrong inspector. we are honest indians. shut up. this is an army matter. on the contrary, it's the matter for the bureau. now , you are not using that whip anymore. i demand a full explanation. well, now just a minute inspector. it's like this you see, we... that'll keep him quiet for awhile. what did you do that for? now we'll have to get out of here fast. we'll take what we've made and call it quits. you're not getting afraid are you? we can take care of the inspector and the indians. well, i still don't like it. not with the lone ranger around, i'm getting out. while it lasted. too bad we have to cut it short like this. you know, lackey
Dec 18, 2012 6:00am PST
is why. and some officials are wondering if we will ever know that answer. pete williams joins me now. and i know, pete, you say there's been a lot of searching going on of these hard drives, the computers in the lanza household and authorities are pretty pessimistic. >> right. i think you're right to say there's some doubt about whether they will ever know why. not that any answer would be adequate, of course. but secondly, the hopes for a quick answer by finding something in the house, a note, a letter, something on his computer, there was no note or letter we're told and the hard drive was so damaged, they're having a very hard time getting anything useful off of it. now, what they will try to do is they'll look at the family billing records. they'll see what internet service provider was being used. they'll look at telephone records. they'll try to look at communicationes and try to come at it in a different direction instead of from the computer outward from the outside world inward to see if that can shed any light. but apparently, adam lanza was not a user of social media. ther
FOX News
Dec 3, 2012 12:00am PST
made time to come together. i continue is it still so hard. [ applause ] if i can start with you. pete, you told me before and i think it would be good for everyone in america to hear what happened that night. >> around 7 o'clock i returned to the home and filled up the generator, there was no water on the block. we went to the house and worked the generators, we were going to leave and i have a wife and children. we started to get wires run to the pumps in the basement. i wanted to keep my tools dry. we brought the generator up. i seen my car move i thought that is strange . i looked out and realized it was floating. we attempt to leave the house but the water was too strong. we went back to the property and at ed inside of the house. by sen:30 it was up to the waist and over 15 feet high. i said there will be no way to make it through and i called my wife and said goodbye. >> jeanfer. you rented an apartment, and we talk a little bit about what that was like to try to find an apartment. your children are just young and how are they dealing with all of >> the biggest thing for us. get
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